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The 16th Business Forum initiated by the Association of Caribbean States serves as a dynamic platform for fostering sustainable growth, facilitating increased production, and enhancing connectivity within the Greater Caribbean region. This premier event brings together government officials, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and international organizations to explore collaborative opportunities, share insights, and forge strategic partnerships. With a focus on leveraging technology and innovation, the forum aims to address regional constraints and unlock new avenues for economic development and prosperity. 


6-7 May, 2024


Torarica Resort, Paramaribo, Suriname


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The host of the 16th Business Forum: Suriname

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Business & International Cooperation in Suriname, South America

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Suriname is tasked with managing the nation’s external relations, diplomacy, and international cooperation efforts. In hosting the ACS Conference, it showcases Suriname’s commitment to regional collaboration and economic development, led by H.E. Minister
Albert Ramdin and supported by a dedicated staff.


Greater Caribbean Cooperation

The Association of Caribbean States (ACS) is a regional organization promoting cooperation and integration among 35 member states bordering the Caribbean sea. Through various projects and initiatives, the ACS facilitates economic development, sustainable tourism, environmental protection, transportation & connectivity, and disaster risk reduction across the region, lead by this year’s chairman, His Excellency
Minister Albert Ramdin, Suriname.

Goal of the Business Forum

The goal of the ACS Conference Business Forum is to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among stakeholders of member and associated states. By providing a space for experts, entrepreneurs, and government representatives to exchange success stories, discuss challenges, and explore collaborative opportunities, the forum seeks to catalyze sustainable growth, promote regional integration, and enhance economic resilience within the Greater Caribbean region. 

Focus Areas The 16th Business Forum will focus on three key areas:

  • Connectivity Improvement

    Exploring strategies to enhance regional connectivity through improved transportation infrastructure, digital connectivity, and logistical efficiency. Sessions will cover topics such as air and maritime transport, ICT infrastructure development, and cross-border trade facilitation. 

  • Sustainable Growth

    Addressing the imperative of fostering sustainable economic growth within the Greater Caribbean region. Discussions will delve into sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, environmental conservation, and green technologies, with a view to promoting inclusive and environmentally responsible development. 

  • Production Increase

    Examining ways to boost production and enhance productivity across various sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, and services. Participants will explore innovative production techniques, value chain development, and strategies for enhancing competitiveness in global markets. 

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