Fostering Sustainable Growth through Increased Production and Improved Connectivity

The 16th Business Forum serves as a dynamic platform for fostering sustainable growth, facilitating increased production, and enhancing connectivity within the Greater Caribbean region. This premier event brings together government officials, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and international organizations to explore collaborative opportunities, share insights, and forge strategic partnerships. With a focus on leveraging technology and innovation, the forum aims to address regional constraints and unlock new avenues for economic development and prosperity. 

6 May

Day 1

7 May

Day 2

B2B meetings
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activities of the 16TH BUSINESS FORUM OF THE

Business Exhibition

The exhibition take place for two days in tandem with the other activities listed. It provides a venue for participating businesses to exhibit their products, services, and investment initiatives. Through the exhibition, businesses will have the chance to make connections, business deals, drive commercial synergies, and deepen business relationships.

B2B Meetings

Businesses will have the chance to make connections, business deals and deepen business relationships. The possibility is there to address challenges and offer solutions to improve transport connections, trade and investment opportunities and promote the development of regional value chains.


The Business Forum include a series of thematic seminars and panel discussions on subjects pertinent to the productive sectors of the region. It will provide a forum for discussion with local and regional stakeholders with topics like: 'Strengthening Regional Agribusiness Value Chains' and 'Regional Tourism Development'

seminars Collaboration starts here

Mechanisms to support Regional Business Development in the Greater Caribbean

Investment to promote Sustainable Economic Development in the Greater Caribbean Region

Strengthening Regional Agribusiness Value Chains within the Greater Caribbean

Meet the participants

The 16th Business Forum attracts a diverse range of participants: Entrepreneurs, small and medium business leaders, civil partners and international partners.

speakers These Experts will Inspire you to Create the Future.

Inspirational speakers include game changers

Albert Ramdin

Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Business, and International Cooperation

Andres Bisono Leon

SOS Carbon, Dominican Republic

Mrs. Cherisse Braithwaite-Joseph

Advisor, Directorate for Disaster Risk Reduction, Sustainable Tourism, the Caribbean Sea and the Environment

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