exhibition Why Participate?

This year’s ACS Business Exhibition is intrinsic to building new business relationships and strategic alliances with local, regional and international companies who are shaping the future of the Greater Caribbean. Exhibitors get updates on regional and international projects, can network with finance and trade organizations, get insights on new developments in the region, and link with all major purchasers of goods and services. This Exhibition makes your business visible to the Greater Caribbean community.

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Your exhibition booth

Elevate your presence and maximize your impact
Immerse your company in the heart of the 16th ACS Business Forum with an exhibition booth to showcase your brand and connect with key stakeholders. Surinamese companies enjoy a spacious 3x2m booth and foreign companies receive a generous 4x2m booth. There are max 2 booths available per country, shared by 2 or 3 companies.

Items included per booth



per 3x2m booth



per 4x2m booth

Optional items

Catering to your specific needs

HostessesUSD 50,- per day
Food & Beverage ArrangementsEnquire for price
Brochure StandEnquire for price
Tablet on Table StandUSD 40,- per day
Prints: Brochures, Banners, WallsEnquire for price
Graphic DesignsEnquire for price
Additional Outlets 110VUSD 20,- per outlet
Additional Outlets 220VUSD 30,- per outlet
Additional TV 55"USD 175,- per TV
Additional TV 65"USD 200,- per TV

Exhibition Floor Plan Lay-Out

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Our complimentary media program

Step into the spotlight and seize the opportunity to make your brand visible to Caribbean audiences with our comprehensive media program. Your company will be featured in our daily highlight videos, which consists of our

  • Personalized Studio Interviews and
  • “Exhibitor in the Spotlight” Segment

and the videos will be widely distributed on TV and social media platforms.

Don’t just attend—make a statement. Elevate your brand and leave a lasting impression. For more information, request our Media Program PDF.

Exhibition timeline

April 25th

Registration Close

May 5th

Booth Set-Up
10:00am – 06:00pm


Booth decoration and set-up must be prepared and completed on Sunday May 5th from 10:00am – 06:00pm. You are encouraged to schedule your arrival in Suriname to cater for this set-up.

May 6th

Exhibition Day 1
10:00am – 06:00pm


All stands must be ready for exhibition on Monday, May 6th at 08:00am. The Exhibition starts at 10:00am and ends at 06:00pm

May 7th

Exhibition Day 2
09:00am – 08:00pm


The Exhibition starts at 09:00am and goes on until 08:00pm at night. Items can be left in the booth until the end of the Exhibition as security will be provided. However, you are encouraged to secure any items deemed expensive. All stands must remain in tact until Tuesday May 7th at 08:30pm.

May 7th

Booth Demount
08:30pm – 00:00am


Items must be removed from stands on Tuesday May 7th from 08:30pm till 00:00am at midnight.

Do you know what your business opportunities are in Guatemala? Is your industry expertise needed in Trinidad & Tobago? Do you know if your product or services are demanded in Martinique or Jamaica? Become an Exhibitor in this Business Forum to identify growing and unsaturated markets, and expand your export - import horizons.

Minister Albert Ramdin
Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation, Suriname, South America.

Additional Orders For Stand Set-Up

Event collective

Email: acs.businessforum@gmail.com
Phone number: (597) 430311 / (597) 532490 / (597) 8860601

General Enquiries & Assistance

Association of Caribbean States Directorate for Transport, Trade and Sustainable Development (ACS-AEC)
Email dtsddirect@acs-aec.org
Event collective of the Republic of Suriname
Email acs.businessforum@gmail.com

Every exhibitor is responsible for knowing these rules and the schedule of dates and for strict compliance with them. At no time will you be able to claim ignorance of their content. The organization reserves the right to introduce changes to this manual, if special conditions make this necessary, in which case participants will be notified in a timely manner.


  • APPLICATION FOR SPACE: Companies interested in participating at ACS should fill in the application form completely (see link on page 3).
  • ACCEPTANCE AND REJECTION: The application form will be considered by the organization, who will be authorized to reject it if in their judgment the interested party does not meet the necessary conditions according to the aims of the event, or if exhibition spaces at the fair are not available.
  • APPLICATION PERIOD: The closing date for submitting applications of participation will be April 25th, 2024.


  • PRICES OF SPACES: The prices for the rental of space are USD500.00 for international clients and USD250.00 for local companies.
  • PRICES OF SERVICES: Please contact the stand service providers directly.
  • If you require any service or product not specified in the offer, note in the form or contact the stand service providers directly.


  • Once the space to be occupied, its location, the stand layout and fittings to rent have been agreed between the parties, the organization will send a contract and you will be asked to sign and return.
  • The closing date for contracts will be April 14th, 2024.


  • The prices mentioned in your contract will be paid to: Bank details will be provided upon submission of registration forms for the exhibition.
  • Payments should be made no later than April 10th, 2024. Exhibitors will be denied permission to occupy their space if the payment has not been received.
  • DEFAULT: In the case of non-payment of the amount stipulated in the contract, this will be reconsidered and the organizers will be able to freely reallocate the space.
  • TERMINATION OF CONTRACT: Termination of the contract by the Exhibitor should be communicated in writing to the organizers. Before April 14th: without any penalty payment. From March 31st: the Exhibitor must pay 100% of the rental for the space.
  • INDIVIDUALITY: The contract of participation is individual and not transferable and will be signed by the legal representative of the exhibiting company and the legal representative of the ACS Business Forum organizer


  • The booth is constructed of white plastic panels fixed in an aluminum frame. Please note that nothing may be attached to the panels of the exhibition booth. Should exhibitors wish to order banners or other printed walls this should be ordered directly with the stand contractors or any of the recommended suppliers.
  • In the interior area, mounting of stands is not authorized using wet mixture (cement, plaster, mortar, etc.) or wood, as well as chipping at, piercing, sawing, painting, in any way damaging the walls, ceilings and floors of the exhibition site, that is, by actions that cause solid waste and dust that damage the structure of the exhibition site and affect the other exhibitors.
  • It is strictly prohibited to affix nails, hooks, tacks, screws, adhesives, or similar items to the shell scheme, floors, walls, ceiling, or other parts of the premises, nor to paint or disfigure any parts of the stand or other parts of the premises.
  • Exhibitors occupying shell-scheme stands must ensure that all internal stand fitting, exhibits and displays are contained within the shell scheme structure and do not exceed 2.4metres in height. No suspension is to be made from the ceiling of the exhibition hall without the written approval from the Organizers. Display materials should be arranged in such a manner, so as not to obstruct sight lines of neighboring exhibitors or interfere with the flow of traffic.
  • In the pre-decorated stands (carpeting, lighting, furniture, etc.), the Exhibitor will not be able to pierce, paint, scratch or in any way damage the elements of the said decoration.
  • STAND LIMITS: In no case, and at no height can the stands, the furniture and the exhibited merchandise extend beyond the limit of the area rented by the Exhibitor.
  • DECORATION OF THE STAND: The Exhibitor can start decorating and setting up the merchandise in the stand according to what is set out in the schedule of activities planned for the ACS Summit.
  • GUARANTEES: The Organizers reserves the right to hold merchandise and all items in the rented area, as a guarantee of the rent and/or fulfilment of the rest of the obligations undertaken by the Exhibitor.
  • Once the break-up deadline has passed, the organization will start removing the merchandise and items at the exhibitor’s risk and declare them abandoned.


  • The Exhibitor is responsible for the safekeeping of the merchandise at all times. The organizers, along with Torarica, will oversee overall security for the exhibition. Exhibitors and their staff are prohibited from entering the exhibition hall outside of official hours.
  • The exhibitor must guarantee the return of rented resources in the same condition as they were received. In case of breakage or loss, the exhibitor will be responsible for any repairs.
  • At the end of each day of the fair, the Exhibitor can leave garbage in the corridors. We guarantee the cleaning of the common areas.
  • The organizers will provide general lighting for the outdoor area, exhibition and common areas, as well as provide electricity for the stands. Lamps will be installed (spotlight) and double outlets depending on what has been rented by the Exhibitor.The standard electrical current in Paramaribo is 110 volts.The outlets are flat-sided.
  • Exhibitors must refrain from placing stickers, signs, or posters outside their designated booth area. Additionally, representatives are not permitted to distribute brochures or invitations in aisles, entrances, or exits. Any promotional activities involving games, competitions, or quizzes require prior permission from the organizers.
  • Exhibitors are responsible and liable for their appointed contractors’ observance of all rules and regulations. Entrance badges will be issued on site for official contractors and appointed outside contractors on arrival. No other person is permitted to enter the building during construction and clearance.
  • The designated site contractor is responsible for overseeing and installing electrical services for the stands, providing on-site technical support and maintenance, and assuming overall responsibility for all electrical work. If exhibitors incorporate pre-fabricated electrical units into their display arrangements, these installations must comply with and undergo inspection and approval by the contractor before connecting to the main power supply. Local skilled labor for electrical equipment installation is not available on-site for exhibitors. Charges for fitting will include supply on hire, installation, maintenance, and removal at the end of the exhibition. We retain the right to disconnect any installation deemed hazardous or likely to cause inconvenience to visitors or fellow exhibitors.


  • While every effort is made to ensure security, measures are in place during setup, operation, and teardown, the Organizers cannot be held liable for the safety of items brought into the exhibition site by exhibitors, their employees, representatives, or any other individuals. This includes any loss, damage, or accidents involving exhibitor or contractor property or personnel. Exhibitors are required to obtain insurance and hold the Organizers harmless for any costs, claims, or expenses resulting from losses or injuries caused by the exhibitor, their employees, representatives, contractors, or guests.