Andres Bisono Leon

SOS Carbon, Dominican Republic

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Andres is a ClimateTech entrepreneur working at the intersection of social impact and Climate Action. Since 2018, Andres has been leading SOS Carbon Inc. Sargassum Ocean Sequestration of Carbon (SOS Carbon) is a spun spin off company from the Mechanical Engineering department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). SOS Carbon is focused on scaling its unique patented technologies to turn the sargassum seaweed invasions problem into an economical natural ocean carbon sequestering opportunity. SOS Carbon currently provides services to the tourism sector and local governments with their unique technology using artisanal boats to harvest the seaweed before it makes landfall. SOS Carbon provides a true social impact by hiring fishermen full-time to provide an effective environmental sanitation while guaranteeing effective results for tourism partners. The venture is also working to also deploy at an operational scale its validated technology for carbon and methane capture. The amount of carbon sequestered from the sargassum is about 3-5 times more than the carbon generated by gathering, making SOS Carbon the only truly intensely carbon negative economical carbon sequestration process. SOS Carbon is committed to solving one of the Caribbean’s most threatening problems, generate employment and value chains to the region, and fight climate change for a global impact.

Andres holds a dual-major in Mechanical Engineering and Finance from Drexel University. Social and environmental impact has always been part of Andres’ life endeavors. While in Philadelphia, he supported the community and empowered students and professionals by being part of LeBow BRIDGE Advisory Board and Prospanica Philadelphia Board. He worked at New Hudson Facades, a related company subsidiary, in the development of three skyscrapers with a project scope worth over USD$170 M at the iconic Hudson Yards in NYC. Leading SOS Carbon and as a member of MIT Sloan School of Management, Andres’ motivation is his capacity to transform society and the environment for a better tomorrow.